It is my professional purpose to share knowledge and experiences in organizational change and leadership to make other people successful as leaders and change managers. As professor, director and consultant, I am engaged in the future of youngsters, safety in society and in humanity in neighbourhoods and schools. I feel committed to action learning of leaders, managers and professionals who really want to make a difference. It gives me energy when I contribute to the proud of people in their work and to organizational and societal renewal.

Jaap is a professor of Organization Dynamics at ESADE Business School in Barcelona (Spain) and visiting professor of Organizational Change at WU, Vienna University for Economics and Business. He is a senior lecturer at the Netherlands School of Public Administration in The Hague. Before he worked as a professor of Organizational Change and Learning at the University
of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and as Dean of Sioo, Interuniversity Center for Organizational Change and Learning (The Netherlands).

At ESADE Business School he is involved in education on strategic and cultural change in organizations, organizational and professional development and cross-cultural mergers and alliances. His research focuses on transformational leadership, success factors to organizational change and innovation, power dynamics in organizations, cross-cultural management and organizational change and development.

As an independent consultant he is involved in change processes in international business firms and organizational networks in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. In addition, he is a member of supervisory and non-executive boards in financial services and public institutes in health and youth care.

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