Kennis delen

This site contains the most relevant publications I’ve written over the years about transformational leadership, organizational change, strategic renewal and meaningful organization. Most articles are available to read on the site immediately. Books may be ordered directly from the publisher. Feel free to use texts and ideas in your study, to develop yourself as a change professional or to contribute to successful change in your organization. Items are easy to find in the publications section.


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Innovative organizing

My most relevant publications on organizing are available here:

Organizational innovation
– Redesign & development
Power, redesign & development
Democracy in a cosmopolis

My complete list of publications is available here

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Video lectures

This site offers you a broad range of presentations on transformational leadership, organizational change, strategic and cultural change and consulting. Feel free to use these presentations in your own work and to download and distribute them for non-commercial use. I would be pleased if you let me know when you adapt conceptual models, because you create an innovation and I would like to learn from you and from this innovation. Presentations are easily found in the presentations section.

Have fun

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Thoughtful consulting

Intervening and changing - Looking for meaning

My most relevant publications on Consulting are available here:

Interventions for cultural change
– Intervening and changing
Understanding complexity
Action Research Change Capacity

My complete list of publications is available here

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