Leadership and authenticity

Leiderschapsontwikkeling en persoonlijk leiderschap

Leaders are people who want to make a difference and are willing to stick their neck out and assume a leading role in strategic and cultural change.

Leadership excellence programs support leaders and initiators in qualifying their organizations for the future and developing the people within. I experience great pleasure in contributing to this activities.

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Strategische vernieuwing

Business and corporate strategy

Ondernemingsstrategie, bedrijfsstrategie en zijnswaarde

Many businesses, enterprises and societal organizations are busy with strategic and cultural renewal and developing distinctive competences.

A broad range of organizations are searching for their business idea. I like being engaged in developing business strategies together with others who are willing to take the risk.

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Organizational change

Organisatieverandering en veranderstrategieën

There is no single best way to change organizations. Strategic and cultural change in organizations is a delicate process each time with many dilemmas.

In these change processes I enjoy collaborating with initiators, managers, professionals and leaders in figuring out the most successful change approach to realize desirable futures.

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Strategy and search conferences

Strategische verandering en strategieontwikkeling ondernemingsstrategie

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This sentence from Peter Drucker expresses the idea that strategy is a process, not a clear goal or objective.

Designing and facilitating strategy conferences and future searches is a challenge every time again. I like taking up this challenge and enjoy being involved.

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