Life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backwards.

As a professional I like to share inspiration and experiences. I use Twitter and LinkedIn for short messages. On this page you will find more extensive reflections and stories. They usually describe events that inspire me, things that amaze me, themes that keep me busy or interesting experiences as a consultant in strategic and cultural change.

I hope these short stories inspire others and encourage you to share your own inspiration and experiences. In the coming time more stories will be published in English.

Do you dare to play?

Jaap Boonstra | 09 July 2020

Do you dare to play in organizational life to contribute to creativity and innovation. How playful are you and what is your play type?

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The power of playing

Jaap Boonstra | 09 July 2020

Do playing and organizational change go together? Playful play offers a valuable perspective when the environment is dynamic and uncertain.

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What makes a consultant?

Jaap Boonstra | 18 December 2017

What makes a management consultant influential? Is it expertise, presence, power, network, process capabilities?

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Moving, changing or hiking

Jaap Boonstra | 28 June 2017

Digitale transformaties verlangen leiders met een moreel kompas die kunnen verbinden, open staan voor innovaties en richting geven aan transformaties

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