Strategic renewal

Business idea and business identityMany companies are engaged in strategic and cultural innovation. It is almost impossible to achieve positive strategic change without cultural change.

Strategic and cultural change needs some common ground of the existing situation and the future perspectives. To achieve this it is useful to appreciate what is going well and to develop new future perspectives and related business models. Knowledge needs to be compiled and there has to be a willingness to learn  from experience in order to achieve the desired future.

A wide variety range of companies are looking for their values and business identities. In this search process I like to play a role, alongside others who are committed to strategic and cultural renewal.

The search for the essence and the strategic positioning of a company is a meaningful process. Central to discovering and defining the values is a joint search process. The outcome of this process is a clear vision on the business identity and the social significance of an organization, the values and competencies, the customer value, market position and competitiveness.

Clarifying the business identity in a strategic conversation is actually a combination of activities: classical strategic thinking and strategic positioning from a differentiation strategy are combined with creating a strong culture of cooperation which makes the strategy sustainable and supported. Imagining and articulating the business identity is an interactive process with all stakeholders. Employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and funders can participate in the elaboration of the business identity.

In my most recent international book “Cultural Change and Leadership in Organizations“, the business idea of several companies is described and clarified and the business identity is elaborated as a useful and practical concept.